2 billion Kisscoin launched on NXT Asset Exchange. 

To get a Nxt Account follow the steps below.

ASSET ID:  12764573703623177516


Kisscoin CHART   here.

Kisscoin is a land ticket collectible used to start a tax free city, which is the goal of the Tax Free City Project of the Tax Free Society.

That's our vision. You want to see a tax free city come true.  Those who do should collect the coin, so we have the resources to make it come true.  If you think others will collect the coin to enjoy a tax free city, then collect the coin, too.

How much longer do you want to be on the rat wheel before you jump to a tax-free city? With our success, you'll be able to make that jump soon.

Kisscoin is contributor-mined. If you want coins, make a contribution of some kind either $ or marketing or something else. 

To get Kisscoin, contribute, loan, or work for the tax free city.  Make a proposal of what or how you can contribute. A Youtube video on Kisscoin is a contribution; get 100 Kisscoin for that! Use the logo. Let others know they can get 100 Kisscoin for a video and a link. Post a link and your Nxt account # here.) 

Questions and proposals for contributions:









Start a Tax Free City with us!

Get 30 Free Kisscoin for every dollar you donate as a thank you gift!





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Why Kisscoin?

The goal of the Tax Free Society, since 2000, has been to find a way to start a tax free city for millions of people who care to jump off the rat wheel economy.

Life is so much easier once you are off the rat wheel, characterized by the quicksands of inflation, taxes, diminished culture, opportunities, national optimism, and quality of life. You don't have to put up with that!

With Bitcoin and Litecoin, and now NXT, the technology exists to facilitate the asymmetric financing of a framework for establishing a lasting, viable, high-growth tax free city. From there, you get optimism, opportunities, and quality of life.

Let's not pretend you don't resent being a slave to the parasites above and below the middle class. $700 billion for banks and sub-prime reparations should piss you off. Your taxes pay for it. It comes out of you and your family. They're eating the food off your table.  The extra cost of living (taxes and inflation) is killing us.

Do something to liberate yourself.  Collect Kisscoin.



"So, What are Kisscoins for?"

Kisscoin are liquid land tickets—tickets for land in a tax free city. Enough tickets buys the land. It remains yours forever tax free. Just as a concert promoter finds the gigs and venue, the Kisscoin project finds the people and the land.

Kisscoin constitutes the founding trust fund to hire people and build our city, while producing a 100% land-backed coin in the process.

Kisscoin solves the store of value bitcoin problem, which is not a technical problem, so much as a strategic problem. We have a need for this technology and we'll have the land to back it.

Instead of seasteading, kiss land. Kisscoin builds on solid ground with true property rights in land.



100% Contributor-mined.


Once the city is founded, our employees work for Kisscoin, pay off their land in Kisscoin. After that, tax-free businesses pay their leases in Kisscoin. This lease income pays for security so no one has to pay taxes. Leases are a normal business expense that reduce capital costs for businesses.  Notice that to get Kisscoin, you have to earn it in some way that enhances the city, be it working or contributing to it in some way, such as installing utilities, or construction, or security. This creates value out of feral land.

***The city itself creates the vast majority of the Kisscoin value by securing and developing valuable land. Any spend of Kisscoins adds something of benefit to the city, and enhances earned liquidity, without sacrificing underlying value.***

Adding a fire truck, computerized taxi system, power plant, museum of future inventions, or hospital enhances city amenities, which makes the city a desirable place to live. The Kisscoin can fund these tax-free ventures, as needed.

Investing in tax-free businesses reduce risks. 

***This "give-to-get" principle behind Kisscoin manages to create collateral value that protects everyone against the pump and dump typical of other coins, while building the city.***








The coin trades on the Nxt Asset Exchange.  You have to make a NXT account. Here's how to do it:

1.Make a 95-99 character password HERE:

2.Save it in a txt file

3.Make sure your txt file has word-wrap unchecked.

4.Download the server program "wesley"

5. Run the program.

6.  In the browser-client enter your password

7.  You can see your account number and your Nxt number in the upper left.  It goes by NXT xxxx-xxxx--xxxx-xxxxx. Copy both into your txt file.

8. Save your txt file 4 times and make them read only.  Save them to an SD or jump drive and also print out your secret info. Store it safely. Label it and keep it read-only. 

9.Let the block chain down load fully (it's presently 300MB so it will take 25 minutes or so) and get 2 free Nxt here:

10. Your account address is not your password. Keep your password secret. Your NXT address NXT-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx is public.

11. To secure your account, you need 1 outgoing transaction. Use 1 Nxt to buy 2 Kisscoins on the Asset Exchange. Either put in the Asset ID to find available offers, or hit the tab in your assets, if Kisscoin is already in your account.