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Sponsored by the Tax Free Society:


Contribute to get $1000 in BAM value per bitcoin:


You can support the projects of the Tax Free Society with BTC.  And we'll hit you back with BAM value.

We can reward you 20,000 BAM per Bitcoin, or any proportion, therein, until our supply runs out.


What is BAM?

BAM is a new dual-coin crypto-currency that you can start using right now because of its generous faucets: 




Tax Free Society has 4 million BAM gifted and available to us. We offer them in an attractive quantity to raise 200 BTC for our projects. 


BAM is backed by a varying quantity of Storm Dollars to give it a stable value of $.05 at all times.


(20000 BAM valued at $.05 is $1000.) 

This creates a unique crypto-coin with a stable value.

Storm Dollar aims to be a future tax deduction dollar-for-dollar. This gives Storm Dollar a known ultimate value and some present value. This means you can use scenario analysis to find its present value, taking into account risk and time, to determine the quantity of Storm Dollars to back BAM.

It also means you can adjust your holdings between the two coins to your liking. If you like more variability, you can move more to Storm; if you have a need for stability, you can hold more BAM. BAMstorm solves many crypto-problems, and is easy to get started with a generous faucet.  

Details below. Be sure to read the pdf in the INFO at 


Are you ready to UPGRADE to BAM? 


1. Send a BAM message with your BTC public address to the Tax Free Society at:



2. Make your BTC contribution to this BTC address:




3. Finally, send a second BAM message with the BTC transaction ID.


This way, you will be properly credited for the contribution. We will send you BAM in the ratio of 20,000 BAM to 1 BTC and round in your favor. 



Send questions to: lorenz.f.kraus(at)

Please add BTC-BAM in the HEADLINE


All contributions are accepted as contributions to the Tax Free Society and its Tax Deduction Project, not as purchase orders of digital coins. Solicitation of contributions is not a solicitation for purchases of coins. Offer Void where Prohibited. The Tax Free Society works on a reasonable efforts basis, over an indefinite time frame and as resources permit, to promote and achieve the law(s) that makes Storm Dollar a "good-as-a-dollar" tax deduction, or the like.  





more information on BAM: 


What is BAMstorm?

BAMStorm is a dual-coin digital exchange.

BAM is the stamp coin that sends Storm. 

BAM is a $.05 constant. Storm trades in terms of BAM.

A variable quantity of Storm backs BAM to keep it always $.05.

This allows Storm to trade in terms of BAM.

We do not use US fiat dollars. This protects our users. We keep US fiat currency and money-laundering problems away from us. Thus, we don't have to collect and forward your information to the government, unlike $-BTC exchanges. (We will have to collect some information to verify users beyond emails because someone could have 100 emails and send in 100 requests for free BAM. That's not fair. So, if we collect information it will only to prevent that. Probably, driver licence ID will be a good solution; or some intermediate. It is still early and this is not yet a problem.)

We avoid direct $-BAM exchanges to keep the law off your pubes. Yet, BAM has value. 500 free BAM is a $25 value. This builds users and does not require people to buy into BAM.

So where does this value come from?

YOU and ME!

The system exists and is designed to succeed. All you have to do is used it and work for its future.

BAM has value only if Storm has some value. Our goal as a community is to get Storm accepted as good for tax purposes with any local, state, or federal government dollar for dollar.

This gives Storm variable value. It's not a sure thing. It's a potential, but a potential has some value, enough to back the BAM. The Storm to BAM ratio is 350: 1; meaning that Storm can back BAM at 5 cents, even if, its value is as low as, .05/350 or $.00014.

BAM is fixed at $.05, but Storm can become $1. Which one will people choose to hold? A stable coin or one with more upside? We envision that people would want to hold a minimum of BAM to do transactions, but hold the rest of their asset as Storm, since that's the whole point of the system. This would mean that there is sufficient value in Storm to back the BAM at all times.

This is not an on-off light, but a dimmer-switch. As our prospects get brighter, Storm Dollar's value is brighter; as prospects fall, Storm Dollar's value dims. 

Our aim is to get a law that says, "Storm is good for taxes dollar for dollar." The users and holders of Storm work to make that happen. We have many ways to organize and make this happen.

The BAM system rewards our individual and collective action to achieve this political goal. 

There are 2 billion BAM.

There are 700 billion Storm. 

700 billion sounds familiar, right? That's was the size of the bankster bailout. If the bankers can get a bailout of $700 billion, why can't the public get $700 billion tax cut?

Which is easier for the public to accept?

A. Recognize "gay marriage"  or B. "Your Storm Dollars are good for taxes"

Pricing Storm 

To actually price Storm, you should do a "scenario analysis."

How long you think it would take to get this law? What the interest rate might be during that time? Find the present value. Then discount that result by some factor of risk.

For example, Vulture Capitalists want ten times their money. So, if they think you will be worth 100 million, they will only invest 10 million, and not a penny more. Discount for any other factor you can imagine. Then update your sense of value as you learn more. Within a few months, a real market will be trading on this future event.

You can see Bamstorm can unite millions of people politically around a tax deduction and give us opportunities to adjust our nation's policies to ones conductive to our development and congruent with our Founders' genuine vision of "posterity" and "domestic tranquility" through "a more, not less, perfect union."

Even the Federal Reserve will like BAMstorm. They stuff the banks with money and hold down interest rates, but they don't lend because few qualify or want loans anymore. The FED is pushing a wet noodle.

We give units directly to the voters and they work to make the units legal money.

That stimulates action!


What's a BAM STORM?




A BAM STORM also refers to the 50 million BONUS BAM released to verified users when the verified user account base triples, starting from 2000 users onward.

You can see how the BAM Storms can rapidly grow our network as a potent political force: 

2000 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 4 million users

Five triples make us bigger than Bitcoin.

Bamstorms reward existing users for their efforts in spreading the word about Bamstorm.

There are many more opportunities to earn BAM and convert to Storm.

Other coins flounder because there is no incentive to tell new people. Whales get the benefits if you "buy in." Nxt and Bitcoin do not properly reward their users with more coins for their personal efforts in spreading usage. That is why they are accused of being ponzi-like. The last guy is stuck with nothing. With BAM, we hope all the Storm Dollars are cashed in at the IRS to lighten your burden.

What's BAM good for? Storm. What's Storm good for? A tax deduction if we can work together to make the law that makes it so.

Notice also, that pending the appropriate law, Storm Dollars will cut taxes for both private citizens and corporations. That's the incentive for cash rich corporations to buy Storm from you or accept it for goods and services. You can vote and corporations can't. You have the power to cut taxes!

You have the power!







Since BAM is free, you risk nothing.

Because Storm might be a dollar someday, it has some discounted value today.

It's worth joining and telling friends and family to get their FREE BAM!

BAM STORM rewards your personal efforts. These Bamstorm milestones provide a united team working urgently. "Get in before the next Bamstorm!"  


Marketing Virtues

Using individual and collective rewards effectively:  

You can see the merit of individual and collective rewards: new account holders get 500 BAM just for joining (a $25 value); that's the individual reward. The collective reward for growing our network is the 50 million BAM Storm. With both individual and collective rewards, we can have the largest NEW user base of all crypto-coins.  This will allow us to cross the chasm into the mainstream. Again, we don't want to compete with other coins and their existing users. We are going for the new user.


Rate of Growth

If you project the rate of growth of current coins to what Bamstorm might be, you could calculate when Bamstorm will surpass other coins in primary user-accounts (rather than one-shot transaction accounts) to become the dominant coin that penetrates America's mainstream. 

To make your dent in the universe, you need quality marketing on auto-pilot.

Spending 500 BAM for a new user acquisition adds value to the network, especially, if you only have one user. Two is a network. So growing users grows utility-value; for us, that grows the real value of Storm Dollar. You'll see that later.

The free BAM is really not free. It is just re-assigned without a market's price for adding network value; the life-time value of a user.  "Free BAM" is good will; in the users' mind, good will is a good vibe compared to "buying into" Nxt or Bitcoin. Joining and supporting Bamstorm adds value. 

Our users earn their BAM and RISK NOTHING! 



People like ease of use, too.


People want their BAM. They want their BAM FREE. They want their BAM NOW.




Users' Perspective

A Digital Nickel Stamp

If you do a scenario analysis, you can see that Storm has some value; x 700 billion units, gives the Storm Value Cap. Some portion of that will surely back BAM with $100 million in value giving the 2 billion BAM the effective value of 5 cents.

Since the BAM can be recycled as needed to fund the Bamstorms, we can recycle the BAM several times.

At 5 cents, we have millions of dollars of value available for account-building.

At some point, BAM can be used to grow our network and pay for nodes, features, and so forth. 

BAM becomes our own VC injection. 

Individual rewards from one cycle of $100 million, with an acquisition cost of $25 (500 BAM), yields 4 million new users per cycle.

With recycling by Storm Dollar, and the collective rewards, we can imagine enough user growth to achieve our goal.

Why will people trade up to Storm? The value of Storm is maxed out at $1, whereas BAM is maxed out at $.05. So, Storm has more potential than BAM. Storm acts as a second collective reward. 

Account growth rates are the key to this industry. Observe that and you will see which coin will become the Big Dog of the crypto-world. Even with $250 million invested into Bitcoin, there is no vision to make it mainstream. People do not want to buy into coins, they don't want to wait weeks to get coins, and they don't want to be policed for having coins.

Nearly, all the VC money is going into exchanges and clients, which mean fees and costs for users, but not to growing users. This is their strategic error. The BAM STORM approach is totally different. Users make the difference. Users do not want to have to "buy into" an existing coin. Who does?

They want immediate benefits without hassles.  Good will and generosity makes the difference. 

Try to convert USD dollars to BTC to some other coin via an exchange. It takes many days, many new accounts, delays, uncertainty, and you have to give up personal information, such as your bank account. Nobody really wants to do that. And for what? So, they can spend BTC to buy coffee? 

You have to strip out all these bottlenecks and give people an easy way to adapt the technology.

Bamstorm fits you with perfect angel wings right out of the box: 


Get client. Get BAM. Get info. 

No hassles. No risks. 



Strategic Vision:

BAM Storm is a dual-coin system that solves two problems: mass market penetration and exchange risk.

To solve the mass market penetration problem, we use a combination of individual and collective rewards for user growth, including free BAM for getting an initial account and Triple Split Bonuses. True value is network value; this means invest/build the network, not coin-price. Other coins want others to buy into their coin. This stops market penetration. Free coins achieve penetration—so long as, they have value.

BAM Storm solves the Bitcoin-Dogecoin-Nxt paradox: spreading a free coin in quantity with real value without detriment to existing holders.

To solve the exchange/ reg risk problem, we use a two-coin system: BAM and Storm Dollar.

BAM is recycled for Storm Dollars; free BAM provides the incentive for people to join the network.

Bam is the stable unit of value. Storm Dollar is the ultimate aim. To what objective phenomenon of value is it attached? A future dollar for dollar tax deduction.

We solve the incentive problem (what's it good for), the regulatory problems (fiat taint) and exchange risks (Storm is onboard BAM), all at once.  

Importantly, we urge everyone to avoid trading BAM on other exchanges. This exposes us to legal problems. So, as a terms of use, everyone who joins Bamstorm agrees to refrain from trading BAM on other exchanges, until further notice. Our user license assures we stay free of fiat taint, until we get the law we desire.  

It doesn't matter what BAM trades at on other exchanges, it will always be $.05 on our exchange.

Because BAM will not trade on any fiat-crypto exchange; it's price is effectively fixed for all time.   


BAM has a fixed value; Storm Dollar is variable.

BAM Storm is fully compliant with the proposed NYS regulations. Because BAM does not trade on fiat exchanges, it does not involve money-changing, and has no risk of money laundering; and thus complies with extremely hostile bitcoin butchering regulation. (It is truly outrageous that such regulations could even be proposed without a storm of laughter. Nevertheless, they have made Bitcoin into a death coin. What else accounts for its steady decline in price, despite the Draper purchase, but the NYS bitcoin regs? People are afraid to use it in a police state.)

BAM is their way out! 


Barnstorm for Bamstorm